WIRED zwave/zigbee gateway + wireless button + barometric pressure + Presentations

Hi everyone, first post after 2 years reading.
I am a DIYer from Italy, I worked 2 years on openhab in my home.
I am very close to have an electromagnetic free home running mostly on photovoltaic and wood from the garden. I had a small company aimed to provide energy saving and comfort in houses but we used plcs mainly.

In my house I use ethernet for almost anything, I use arduino uno, due, esp32 with ethernet shields. OH is running on raspberry 3b+.

I realized I cannot wire all the temperature, door sensors and switches I need so I decided to accept zwave or zigbee. The house is a long rectangle so lot of walls.

I’d like zigbee xiaomi temp sensors because I appreciate barometric pressure (I have to keep inside pressure slightly over outside). BUT xiaomi gateway is wireless, wifi is off most of the time :frowning: and I wish an easy system, after 2 years of developing I am tired to debugging things, really, the idea of zigbee2mqtt make me nervous :slight_smile: maybe a prejudice.

I’d like zwave because of this button I really need.
Fibaro - The Button

whould this work?
zwave ethernet by cirus

Also there is great confusion about zwave zwave+ zigbee3.0.
I read a lot and I am confused maybe someone knows a solution to have a button and a wired gateway with door, temp/humid sensors and some switch that is almost plug and play.
barometric pressure is good plus but I can do it implementing bmp280 on existing diy devices.

Thanks for the time dedicated to this long post and for your reply if you have some help for me.

Welcome to the community!

What makes you nervous about zigbee2mqtt?

Can’t think of a good solution for this off hand, or did you mean internet is off???

You can use our Zigbee binding. No zigbee2mqtt needed.

If you are looking at Z-Wave, where do you live? Z-Wave has several regions.

Reflashing the Zigbee coordinator, likely. I do not like that idea either.

I I’d like a plug n play solution, I wish to avoid study, understand, try and finally see it work. But as I told it my be a prejudice, mainly because nothing worked immediately until now. If I have to invest time on those sensors I prefer to wire everyhing and use esp32 as I did for everything else.

My home is wired for the purpose of not having electromagnetic waves and security/privacy. I don’t even use AC current. Also by night I only go on 12V. For the same reasons I keep wifi off most of the time, I have a routine that keeps it off while I sleep for example. zigbee and zwave only emits when sending values, once every minutes, and I will have the gateway on the garage so I can accept it to be on h24.

Really I can use zigbee binding with xiaomi devices and no zigbee2mqtt?
what wired gateway would I use?
I’am in Italy, please tell me more, should I stay away from devices from china or usa?

I don’t even knew that, can someone point me to a wired plug an play solution either zig or zwave?

Thank you to everyone!

@chris would know. He is our developer for Zigbee and Z-Wave.

My skepticism is is due to this thread and other similar
I would go with zigbee if I can buy a wired (or usb wiring a usb cable) gateway that works with the zigbee binding with squared xiaomi sensors without problems. Can’t find someone that describes a working solution. I got the impression that zigbee gateways are not all the same, people with different gateways reports different behaviours. Also the antenna is different and I need some range, is there a comparison between gateways or at least some advice?

UPDATE: wired gateway+button+pressure
I found a zigbee button (hue) if someone can help about a usb or ethernet zig stick that works also with xiaomi aqara sqared temperature sensors with zigbee binding I (we) found the solution.

Just for confirmation…those zigbee devices will work without internet when paired with oh2?

Zigbee is designed for local control, like Z-Wave.