Wireless sensor to detect whether error lamp of central heater is on


my central heating system occasionally fails, indicated by the error lamp. Can anybody recommend a wireless optical sensor with OpenHAB connectivity which can detect the error state by supervising this lamp?


Hi do you want to go. the diy way or The turn key way ?

I would prefer a turn key solution.

If it was diy you had some options that you could have used. but turn key I am not so sure what is available on the market.

I’d check if there’s also a output pin to signal the error. Most heaters have it. Then you can attach any wireless switch such as ZWave devices (if you already own) or a Sonoff or Shelly WiFi switch.

That can also work.

Thanks @mstormi and @allen. I just checked the circuit diagram of the 24y old heater but could not identify such an output pin. I will try further. I still think a simple llight sensor supervising the error lamp would be a nice and electrically-isolated solution for this class of tasks.

If it was me I would look I using a esp8266 with a LDR and mqtt . then you always have the option to add some more sensors or even controls to the zone around the heating system.