Wireless setup for roll shutters, lights, etc

I am going to order roll shutters (probably Somfy Tahoma) and lights (probably Philips Hue). And later some AC units. I would like to control these devices with Openhab. All devices are yet to be ordered. Do I need to know something important before ordering any of these? Do I need also some sort of bridges for each of the device? For example Philips Hue have their Bridge for lights. Somfy has their own Bridge too for roll shutters. Do I also need to buy all of these bridges so Openhab is compatible with it? I have seen there are OH addons available to Hue and Somfy.
So far I only have experience with GPIO wired setup for reading sensor values and switching power sockets on and off. Garage things.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • OS: openHABian

Read the docs for each add-on. It will make it clear whether or not a bridge is required. Almost always the bridge is required because these devices do not speak WiFi but some other radio frequency and protocol and there needs to be hardware to send/receive on that.

Yes you would need all the bridges. Unless they add significant benefit to you - roller shutters and most lights aren’t mission critical -, I’d rather consider going for different systems such Wi-Fi based Shelly actuators or a mesh based on ZigBee or ZWave.

Thanks for ideas. I will consider Shelly 2.5 wifi relays for my window shutters since it does not require bridge.
Regarding lightning, I found this openHAB Hue Emulation Service maybe it is the way how to avoid Philips bridge.
I will have to look into it somewhat deeper.

No, that’s a way to make Items in openHAB appear to other systems (e.g. Alexa) as Hue devices. It doesn’t let you avoid a Hue Hub.

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