Wiring Shelly 1 upstream from deck light

Hello - I am trying to wire a shelly 1 to a new BBQ spot light that I am installing upstream of another (deck) light. (I am in the US with 110v)

Switch > Deck Light > BBQ light

I think I understand the wiring of the S1 at the BBQ light fixture (similar to wiring it as if the light was connected to a plug without a switch per my image below - where the Plug in the image is my Deck light). My question is, would there be an issue if the light switch is off and the Shelly 1 does not have power most of the time? Then it comes on at certain times?

Quick use case:

The switch controls the lights on my deck (used daily). The BBQ light would be wired from one of the lights on the deck (getting power and neutral from that). I ONLY want the BBQ light to be active (able to be controlled on / off) when the deck light is on (ie I dont grill on a dark deck). But I only want the BBQ light on when I activate the Shelly as the deck lights are on every night, but not the BBQ as that is only when I use the grill (on the lit deck). Hopefully that makes sense.


Short version of question. - Can a shelly be without power most of the time and then come to life (and be ready for commands) after it gets power, without having to reprogram it (wifi, etc).

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