Wirless staus / indicator light


I would like to have blinking light when my house is in alaram mode.

Does anyone know blinking led that operates with zwave or 433Mhz.


What I did: buy an ESP8266, a RGB LED, put ESPEasy firmware on it, create a timer rule to have the led blinking in red, green or blue, but you need to solder a bit. And it’s not zwave or 433MHz, it’s wifi. Connection to openHAB is done via MQTT binding.

Thanks @sihui,

Can this solution operated with battery? If it can how long the batteries last? I’m bit worried about how much wifi use batteries.


It can … but they will unfortunately last only about a month or so.

Take a look at the “MySensors” option. Google search it…

It uses arduino and 433mhz and could run for longer than the ESP8266.

Thanks @TommySharp,

I checked MySensors and it would need bit to much work for now.

I have googled a lot I have not been able to find a product that would do this.

So maybe I need to check MySensors later when I have more time to spare…

@sihui any chance you could share you item configuration to control and led in ESPEasy via MQTT?


Switch LED_Red (gRestore) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/0:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/0:command:OFF:1]"}
Switch LED_Green (gRestore) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/2:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/2:command:OFF:1]"}
Switch LED_Blue (gRestore) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/14:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/14:command:OFF:1]"}

Thanks! I’m guessing you have 3 separate LEDs?
Any clues on how to do a 3 colour NeoPixel as 1 item and send the colour mix like 255,255,255?

Almost: a three colored RGB LED.

Sorry, no. For the color stuff I have my HUE … :grinning: