WISH LIST - Chromecast Binding

First, thank you to all that have contributed to the Chromecast binding and OpenHAB in general.

I have been playing with the 2.1.0 version and it appears it is not very far from being in a good usable shape. Living in a home that is heavily chromecasted I started thinking about ways I could integrate the binding into my setup. Under is you can find my feature wish list that hope could considered for later iterations of the binding:

- Seek Step Forward & Backward - While it is true that I could unlock my phone and do whatever seeking there, it would much more user-friendly if I could tell my Google Home (or Echo) to seek forward/backward. Personally, I would be looking to implement an IR/RF to OpenHAB solution to use a logitech remote to control whatever is being played.

- Progress Bar - related to the above

- Transmit low frequency sound to keep speakers turned on - I have self-powered speakers throughout my house. Unfortunately, some of these speakers automatically turns off after X minutes if no audio is received through the AUX input. It is somewhat annoying to having to walk through the house to manually press the ON/Standby button on each speaker. My place is very small so currently I don’t really mind much. However, when I one day marry up I expect this to become more of an issue. The minutes to keep the speaker ought to be configurable.

- Title and whatever meta data is available - I would very much like to have the ability to get the for example the title name and pass it on to my own binding that downloads metadata (for whatever music is currently being played) such as cover arts and album/artist information from available public sources to display on my dashboard and TV.

Thanks again,