Withings binding

Hello friends!! I want to configure withings binding I didn’t see that binding in paper ui ,can you please send me how to configure step by step!! Thank you so much

Place the jar file in /usr/share/openhab2/addons use openhabian-config tool to set owner and permissions then restart OH. If you do not have openhabian then you will need to install it or set permissions manually.


If you want to install openhabian to have access to the tools here is the link.

Five easy steps. :wink:

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okay thank you sir, i dont have openhabian , i am windows user, i need to configure permissions manually can you please tell me sir, i saw withing binding configuration i did not understand ,please tell me sir.

I think the binding does no longer work as OAuth1.0 is not supported anymore:

Okay thank you sir, I read oauth2, how to configure oauth2 authentication , I didn’t get account I’d , can you please tell me sir thank you

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