WLed: A binding for controlling LED strips and strings from an opensource esp8266 project

This is already reported here, @Zylan a fix has been found, and PR made.

I also plan to add support so you can ask for the name of the preset instead of only the number that is inside the array of the JSON.

You can get the presets by entering this into any web browser http://ipofwled/presets.json

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I’m making the transition from using a custom mqtt object that send comment directly to the api to this binding. So far so good but the only thing I didn’t quite grasp (and the doc in openhab wiki for the binding isn’t up to date) is how to save a preset? I currently have a node-red rules (migrating to openhab rules) that check if it’s running the default preset and save the current settings in a temp present if it’s not. I have the preset check part done, but I can’t get the save preset to work.

Thank you

edit: nevermind, stupid me was using the channel with the wrong name