WLED Binding missing Channels

I am having trouble with the WLED binding and wondering if i’m doing something wrong.

I updated the new WLED binding from the old 3.3.0.SNAPSHOT version to the new 3.4.0.M6 version. There are some new channels, but a lot of the old channels are missing and I cannot control the LED Lights.

The old version had about 19 channels.Here is the old version’s Channels.

The new version only has 11 channels, and like I said missing alot of channels.( the Main one is masterControls which you use to turn on/ off and pick color.)
Here is the new one.

Does anyone know if I am missing something here?

Thanks for the help.

Did you delete and create anew your Thing(s)? If Thing channels are added/removed by binding changes, existing Things are not updated. You need to create or discover new.

I installed the binding on a New instance of OH. I am redoing my OpenHAB system.

I installed the binding in the web UI. I added a new thing in the web UI and it is still missing a lot of the channels. Everything is brad new.

This binding used to auto discover the LED lights too but that does not seem to be working either.

It shows the missing channels under #Thing Channels on the WLED Binding but it is not showing in web UI

The binding changed in openHAB 3.3 Stable to using BRIDGE and children THINGs. You appear to only be looking at the channels for the BRIDGE indicated by the GLOBAL BRIGHTNESS channel. For each of your segments you need to have a THING that is linked back to your BRIDGE thing and each of the segment “THINGS” will have the channel you are after.

The documentation you provided the link for, does list the channels for the BRIDGE separately to the segment THING. Please check it out as it should clear it up as to what you should see.

Off the top of my head I do not believe there was any changes to the channels, but a fix was added for preset selections since the version in this thread. The info in this thread may be useful especially if you do textual config.

WLED Binding: New bridge / thing version with global controls - Add-on Marketplace / Bundles - openHAB Community

ooh, I got it. I did not know that. I see it now that i did that.
Auto discovery of the lights does not work. It doesnt matter since i do code based things. so I manually add them anyways.
Thank you for your help.

It should work but I have not tested for 11 MOnths. I can think of three things to check before calling it a bug.

  1. Newer firmware has changed something and your the first to report it.
  2. The binding from memory may need you to scan for new things after the bridge is setup correctly. Suspect this is the reason.
  3. The bridge may need to be described in a certain way if your going to mix GUI and textual methods. Use pure GUI methods with auto detection and it should work.

I noticed that once i added the bridge, the segments were discovered correctly. No biggie, Just wondering.

The issue is that openhab requires a bridge UID to be supplied when the thing is created in the inbox. The thing has the bridge UID in its UID and the bridge is selected as the parent. A user has the ability to name the UID anything they wish.

Makes sense. Thanks again !