WoL - Alternative MAC addresses for same IP (OH3)

I have a Zyxel NAS. Once it’s been powered up and then powered down, I can boot it successfully by sending WoL using the Network binding in OH3.

But if there’s a power failure, before the first boot it has a different MAC address ( 00:00:00:00:00:30). Seems that the real MAC address is set on first boot.

How should I code this? Is it safe to create two Network Binding objects for the same IP, but with different MAC addresses?

That seems to be weird behavior. The MAC is supposed to be assigned to the hardware. It’s not supposed to change on the fly. But that’s not your doing and there is probably nothing you can do about that.

There shouldn’t be any problem with creating two Network binging Things that way. It only uses the MAC address when issuing a WoL command. And a WoL packet is just broadcast. so there shouldn’t be any interference.

Seems to be a weird setup with Zyxel equipment


I’ve seen a few interfaces that have soft-settable MAC. It makes me feel queasy, but the “selling point” is that you can replace hardware but keep the old MAC so everything external still works e.g.router assigning IP.

The only ill-effect I can imagine is that your WoL to default MAC can potentially wake up any other devices, maybe from same maker. A problem for server farms but not for us, I suspect.

Old man story; in the 1980s we had mainframes with LAN cards. The MAC was encoded on a plug-in ROM chip, we could swap a faulty card and swap the chip, hurrah! If you broke a chip you could get a duplicate made, but had to sign in blood and return the corpse. Tightly controlled.
By the 1990s it was all done with software, carefree.

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