WOLF Smartset with TOB 18 some parameter showing strange value

I have installed the Wolf Smartset binding and I’m getting not all of the parameter I get if using the Wolf Portal e.g. “Warmwassertemperatur”. Other parameter e.g. “Heizgerät Eingang E1” shows a value of 65088 where I expect a 0 or a 1.

Binding, Things and Items installed straight forward with the paperUI.

Can you help with a hint what could be wrong in my setup or configuration?

openHAB 3.3.0
TOB 18 FW 2.0
BM2 FW 2.5
iSM7 FW 3.0

Thank you

Hi James,

same here! Wondering why Warmwassertemperatur (or Kesselsolltemperatur as well) is missing. Or if we could add this somehow / somewhere?

Best Regards

Hello Thomas,

because I have no documentation on WOLF codes I can’t check if the codes of CGB and TOB are the same. For me it looks they are not and therefore there is maybe a different relation.

At this time I have disabled all Things belonging to this Binding. Does it help to post the responses? Only one example: At the Input E1 I would expect 0 or 1, but 02000 or 65554 is shown (what I remember).