Working at local level - Google Assistant remote fails utterly!

I have a ‘working’ system (for one Sonos Play 1) which I can control via the Paper and Basic Ui (and via OpenHab Beta for Android).

Despite numerous reinstalls & restarts I just cannot get the device added to Google Assistant.

Would it help to post the config files here to get some advice?

We have no volunteer mind readers here…

Okay! Here are the things, items and sitemap …


Thing sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs [udn=“RINCON_B8E9378373F401400”, refresh=60]


Group Sonos

Player Sonos_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs:control”}
Dimmer Sonos_Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs:volume”}
Switch Sonos_Mute “Mute” <soundvolume_mute> (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs:mute”}
String Sonos_CurrentTrack “Now playing [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs:currenttrack”}
String Sonos_State “Status [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:Upstairs:state”}


sitemap SONOS label=“Play 1 Upstairs”
Frame label=“Sonos” {
Default item=Sonos_Controller
Slider item=Sonos_Volume
Switch item=Sonos_Mute
Text item=Sonos_CurrentTrack
Text item=Sonos_State

Google Assistant currently only supports a small number of functions, by assigning one of the following Tags to Items.

  • [“Lighting”]
  • [“Switchable”]
  • [“Blinds”]
  • [“Scene”]
  • [“Outlet”]
  • [“CurrentTemperature”]
  • [“Thermostat”]

None of your items are of the right type, nor have Tags.

To control your Sonos devices, you probably want to be utilising the Sonos direct integration with Google, as opposed to going through openHAB via Google.

Thanks. Useful info. So Assistant voice control is very limited? That isn’t clear from all the info I’ve ploughed through!

I only used Sonos as an example to get the system up and running.
My real aim is to get a squeezebox system working (but at first sight, it seemed much more complicated!).

There was an excellent beta Alexa skill which was working well with squeezeboxes (but sadly, the developer has disappeared, and the skill has become defunct).