Working with Control and Status-Animation of DPT1.006

Hey guys,

ive got 2.40 with KNX2-Bindung using it with BasicUI on Chrome, Edge, iOS and Android.

My Shutters working with SMI (ABB JA4 SMI Device) and theyve got 4 Preset-Positions which i can set and enable by DPT1.006

Position 1/2 is the first GA - lets call it #1
Position 3/4 the second - lets call it #2
Ive got switches at Things, Items and Sitemap. At Sitemap with mapping like mappings=[OFF=“Down Opened”, ON=“Down Closed”].

If i send OFF (Down Opened) to #1, i will call Position 1
If i send ON (Down Closed) to #1, i will call Position 2

With a Switch, that leads to the following situation
Position 1/2 is red, after i called Position 1
Position 3/4 is red or green, depending on the last call - but i can only have one of these 4 Positions so they should not be animated at all.

Besides that, in iOS App i need to click on the active order (like Position 1/2 OFF - Down Closed) to remove the animation and then click again on it to activate it (and send the command). With chrome every click immediately sends the command.

Any suggestions how to best handle this DPT / Situation? The animation now is misleading and at least with iOS (android not tested yet) i have to click twice on whatever is animated to send the corresponding order

Please show us your sitemap entries.

In question of animated icons, simply use autoupdate="false" to prevent status updates to the item. Another option is to use a proy Item:

Switch knxABBScene1 { channel="..." }
Switch knxABBScene2 { channel="..." }
Number myScene "Scene" { autoupdate="false" }


Switch myScene mappings=[ 1="Sc.1",2="Sc.2",3="Sc.3",4="Sc.4" ]


rule "set scene for ABB"
    Item myScene received command
    switch (receivedCommand) {
        case 1: knxABBScene1.sendCommand(OFF)
        case 2: knxABBScene1.sendCommand(ON)
        case 3: knxABBScene2.sendCommand(OFF)
        case 4: knxABBScene2.sendCommand(ON)

Please be aware that the Button will mayby stay pressed until changing the UI view.

Sry for my late reply

Here is the sitemap part

Frame label="Wohnzimmer Jalousie"
            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_A_Position_1_2 label="Position 1 / 2 anfahren Links" mappings=[OFF="Unten Auf", ON="Unten Zu"]
            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_A_Position_3_4 label="Position 3 / 4 anfahren Links" mappings=[OFF="Reserve 3", ON="Reserve 4"]

            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_B_Position_1_2 label="Position 1 / 2 anfahren Mitte" mappings=[OFF="Unten Auf", ON="Unten Zu"]
            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_B_Position_3_4 label="Position 3 / 4 anfahren Mitte" mappings=[OFF="Durchgang Auf", ON="Durchgang Zu"]

            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_C_Position_1_2 label="Position 1 / 2 anfahren Rechts" mappings=[OFF="Unten Auf", ON="Unten Zu"]
            Switch item=i_1_1_42_Kanal_C_Position_3_4 label="Position 3 / 4 anfahren Rechts" mappings=[OFF="Reserve 3", ON="Reserve 4"]

I think you could have a single item for 1 2 3 4, and two sitemap lines for the same item but with different mappings for 1 2 and for 3 4.

w00t? :smiley:

As I understand your complaint, you have a sitemap line with buttons A B and another line with buttons C D.
You want only one of the four buttons to “light up”.

Make single test Item that can take more than two states - a number or string type.
Make a sitemap line for a Switch with mappings A B for that Item.
Make another sitemap line for a Switch for the same Item, with mappings C D.

Ok but that will also need rules to work with or? Because my thing is a 1.006 with 2 states only

but yes, the issue is that i have 2 times DPT1.006 which represents 4 different positions to go to. But of course only one position at once. So only one of the 4 buttons should be activated and i should not be in need of first turn off one button and then activate another one. I like to jump between these 4 buttons and get accurate feedback (animation)

Yes, you will nèed rules. Because you want two seperate things to look and act like one thing.
@Udo_Hartmann rule can be adapted whether you want one sitemap line or spread over two.

In fact, as it’s scene control (well, sort of), none of the buttons should be activated, because you can’t get a correct status for the two items. Of course, you could use a rule to decide if one of the buttons should be activated, but it also has to deactivate the buttons if changing to another value, different to the four buttons.