Working with groups


I set up my devices via PaperUI and everything works. Now I would like to create a few groups. There are several possibilities:

Create a group in PaperUI

Create a group in a config file

But how do I best relate the things to the group?
If I do this over PaperUI I have to select the group for each thing. I find that very confusing.

It would be nice if I could change the group in PaperUI.
How can I display all members of a group?

If I declare the thing again in an Configfile then I get the message that the device already exists.

What is the best way?


You don’t put things in groups, you put items in groups

I don’t think you can do that yet

You need to remove the link in the paperUI and delete the item in the paperUI
The in the *.items file you do:

Group myGroup
ItemType ItemName "ItemLabel" (myGroup) { channel="channelnamefrompaperUI" }

To display all items in a group in a sitemap see:

Thank you.
The information about the group assignment I have already read.
So i should better make the configuration in the config files than in PaperUI - right?

It’s more flexible… For now…
I am an old time user, so I am used to the textual config.
Up to you but I recommend it

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