Working with Jekyll on Windows 10

This is a tip for everyone who wants to work on the openHAB documentation on Windows 10.

Until recently the easiest way to use Jeykyll on Windows was using Vagrant like it is described here:
But now the Linux subsystem on windows (aka “Bash on Windows”) can be directly installed from the Windows Store ( In the Linux subsystem you can easily install Jekyll:
apt install jekyll followed by gem install jekyll-sitemap.

Tested it today and it works perfectly and with a better performance than Vagrant.


Thanks for that hint, i will try it out later. :slight_smile:

Works like a charm, after some difficulties with the installation.

If someone else wants to install the store app but cant because of the wrong windows 10 Version,
this helped in my case:

I first hat do switch to the Widows-Insider-Program to get the newest Win10 build.
After that i could install and configurate the Linux subsystem easily.

Maybe turning on the developer mode is already enough for being able to install the Linux subsystem.
Read the post below for further information.

Generally it should not be necessary to switch to the Windows Insider program. Windows Creator Update is sufficient. But you probably have to enable developer mode.

I have installed it before it was available in the store, therefore I was not absolutely sure what is necessary to install it from the store.

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Ah ok. Too late for me now. :smiley:
Thanks for clarification anyways.