Workshop lighting

I’ve got a shop next to the house, 16’x20’. Keep my tools, lawnmower and other yard tools. Plus a stationary bike for cardio workouts out there. It’s wired up, insulated and has a mini-split AC system. Right now I’ve got two standard fluorescent light fixtures with regular tubes, they are turned on/off through a z-wave switch. A door sensor turns the lights on whenever the door is opened.

I’d like to replace the lighting with something that would be dimmable at least, possibly color controlled. The goal is to have good shop type lighting that can be controlled for ambiance during workouts. I like to get the lighting dimmed while I’m on the bike and the wife does as well. I’ve got some Philips Hue lights in the house but looking on their website I don’t see what looks like a good solution for the shop. Wish they made a fluorescent tube replacement that was LED, RGB like their bulbs.

Looking for ideas and suggestions for hardware and setups that would be appropriate in this situation. Philips HUE or zwave are my primary bindings. I’d rather stick to those two rather than adding in another binding.