Worx Landroid Binding

Double check if you have the correct binding version installed, should be from 07. September 2023 at 14:56h:

openhab> bundle:list | grep Worx
237 │ Active │  80 │     │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Worx Landroid Binding

Any news on compatibility to OH 3. X? Thanks and best

Will check as soon as I’m at Home again - evening



yes I’m using the latest version.

openhab> bundle:list | grep Worx
306 | Active |  80 |     | openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Worx Landroid Binding

Mine is up and running since nearly 7 days. If you deactivate and reactivate the bridge doest it come back alive ?

Also can you track the potential error in the log file ?

yes, it come alive again, the things i found in the trace you can find above

I think it’s missing some lines : your screenshot shows an oauth issue (so at bridge level) and the log shows an AWS issue (at mower thing leve). Probably the oauth token renew issue generated the AWS issue.

I just check the log.
Before the 4 log entries nothing special is shown

later on i get always those two lines (all ~5mins)

2023-09-21 20:58:36.534 [DEBUG] [landroid.internal.api.WorxApiHandler] - URI: https://api.worxlandroid.com/api/v2/product-items/2021XXXXXXXXXXX?status=1
2023-09-21 20:58:37.000 [DEBUG] [nal.handler.WorxLandroidMowerHandler] - Refreshing Thing 2021XXXXXXXXXXXXXX failed, handler might be OFFLINE

The Refreshing Thing 2021XXXXXXXXXXXXXX failed, refers to your bridge or your mower ?

the Bridge (it basically ther Serialnumber, therefore the X’s)

An update is provided (available on the above download link) :

Enhanced mower handler to avoid sending commands to AWS on not already opened connection
Added reset of blade time and charge cycle logic
Added retry loop when oAuth token refresh fails


… and you added/fixed the Zone setting

Thank you so much, really THANK YOU!!! :man_bowing:

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Only a few states are updated like online status, yaw and batterie things. How do I get the rest working?

If you are on 4.x:
most of the Channels changed naming, so you will have to recreate them.

So, I found the trigger for the issue. This happens when my internet-connection (Thanks Starlink) drops. The internet is reestablished automatically, but the bridge stays offline. Maybe that could be fixed?

Yes I’m on 4.x currently all but 3 channels are linked.

You should handle this by a rule triggered by Internet being back.
I plan to strenghten the binding on this kind of case but I will probably not be able to address all.

If you are coming from 3.x, the Channel naming has changed for a lot of the Channels, for example:

Linkquality in 3.x: datCommon#wifiQuality
Linkquality in 4.x: wifi#wifi-quality

Make sure you have adapted all the Channels linked to your items.

If you started with 4.x, I don’t know what is wrong as all my items are filled with data.
Check your events.log and openhab.log for any errors or suspicious entries.

You could easily disable and reenable the Worx Bridge Thing with a rule through the REST Api.
You will need an api token for that:

Disabling (adapt your thing id!):

var headers = new java.util.HashMap()
headers.put("Authorization", "Bearer " + "oh.restapi.<here_goes_your_api_token>")
sendHttpPutRequest("http://<your_openhab_server_ip>:8080/rest/things/worxlandroid:bridge:mower/enable", "text/plain", 'false', headers, 5000)

Enabling (adapt your thing id!):

sendHttpPutRequest("http://<your_openhab_server_ip>:8080/rest/things/worxlandroid:bridge:mower/enable", "text/plain", 'true', headers, 5000)