Would you migrate from OH1 to OH2; or if you could do it again, would you start fresh on v2

I was still stuck in the UI selection in QH2… since August last year. :slight_smile:
… installed 2.3.0 on a rPi3; skipped the UI install, starting with a blank canvas today.

I read through the migration manual, updated runtime and addon.cfg; used PaperUI to install some bindings, then I read the paragraph that said something about not using it, and whatever else I mixed up in the process…

… and then I thought; why go through migration layers and what not? since I can set-up a new system in parallel and once configured and tested as true OHv2 system, fire it up and retire the OHv1 system.

Based on all the above, I have the following questions:

  1. Assuming you have migrated from v1 to v2, and since then gained some experience with v2, would you migrate again, or start a new system on v2?
  2. What is the disadvantage of migrating with regard to the new v2 long-term?

I basically want to verify, if migrating is a good thing to do, or wether I recreate all new in v2?


Start a new clean OH2, build your stuff slowly, copying long *.items configs over from OH1, verifying binding assignments in Items (especially when you transition from a legacy (1.x) version of a Binding to the “modern” v2)

Well… if you think about it, migrating from OH1 to OH2 mostly involves creating a new OH2 setup and bringing on parts and pieces from OH1 (mainly *.items files and some configs). In my view, there is not much difference and as a result: no disadvantage.

I saved my OH1 setup folder and installed OH2 fresh
Then I copied the files (*.items, .*rules…) one by one into the OH2 conf folder and added the binding in the paperUI as I went along.
Pretty smooth overall

I migrated way back in the beginning. I had to, I wrote the migration tutorial in the first place. So my opinion may not be all that relevant.

We’re it me, I would go through the process of migrating. This will:

  • be less work in the short run
  • minimize the learning curve
  • remain more familiar letting you move to OH 2 bindings and concepts at your leisure
  • minimize the number of changes you need to make to get back up and running on OH 2

But if you have the time and resources to set up a separate OH 2 and slowly build it up and transfer rules and items over and you are not fighting a severe bug in OH 1 I see no reason not to just start from scratch. It will take you longer over all to have everything running on OH 2 but you will get to the same place in the end.

That warning you saw is mainly because when you have two ways to configure something, one of them has to take precedence. In the case of OH, addons.cfg takes precedence. So once you start using that file, any add-ons you install through PaperUI will become uninstalled because it isn’t in addons.cfg.

That is basically the tl;dr of the migration tutorial. :grin:

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Thanks!! This also addresses some of my ‘issues’ I stated here:

I think I am ‘migrating’, ran up an instance of OHv2 on a new rPi3, and shifted files across… and check what ‘falls over’.

I think I have to simply go through the process and make my learnings. :slight_smile: