WOW! Z-Wave on OpenHab is working better then Vera

I have been using Vera for Z-Wave because of some deficiencies with OpenHab, well I decided to give OpenHab a try again because I was having issues with my all my CT100 thermostats updating humidity.

I connected my CT100 and so far they look like they are reliability reporting temp and humidity. I also thought I would give my Yale Z-Wave locks a try. They showed up as “Vision Security [ID:ffff, Type:2]” rather then Yale, but they work! I can lock, unlock, and see battery status!

My only thing I have to use Vera for now is my Shed since I can’t have two Z-Wave adapters in OpenHab 1.x. I also am looking for someone who I can hire to implement CLOCK command class so I can set my time on my CT100s like I did with Vera.

Yes - I abandoned Vera because of the strange bugs. Zwave devices would occasionally disappear, and devices I didn’t own would mysteriously appear. OpenHAB and the Aeotec zwave gen5 stick have been rock solid. I know this sounds like an infomercial…


I think we ow @chris a very big thank you for the tremendous work he’s doing on the zwave binding!