Wrap long text string in a frame?

I have a xslt transformation for my weather binding which can produce text strings which extend well past the frame bounds.

Is there any way to make the frame height scale up and have the text wrap so it still fits within the width of the frame as defined by my window? Examples of the current situation are below:

The frame title can wrap nicely, but the height doesn’t change (not a big deal as the text string is very rarely longer than two lines wide), but the item frame never wraps and only pushes the text off the screen (including the title of the frame).

I’d suggest that you enter an issue for the Basic UI at https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues.

Thanks, have now done so.

I’ve done some searching and I can’t find where this might have been fixed. Any thought on how to prevent the text from cutting off?

is there already a solution to this? On my sitemap only a part of a string is shown, but I want to show the whole text. Does anyone know another solution to this problem?

Thank you!

Full error message:

2019-01-06 10:07:00.449 [ERROR] [.commandclass.ZWaveMeterCommandClass] - NODE 2: Meter Report: Buffer too short: length=3, required=4


Number   logreaderErrors            "Error events matched [%d]"                     <alarm> { channel="logreader:reader:openhablog:errorEvents" }
String   logreaderLastError         "Last error [%s]"                                       { channel="logreader:reader:openhablog:lastErrorEvent" }
Number   logreaderWarnings          "Warning events matched [%d]"                   <alarm> { channel="logreader:reader:openhablog:warningEvents" }
String   logreaderLastWarning       "Last warning [%s]"                                     { channel="logreader:reader:openhablog:lastWarningEvent" }


Frame label="openHAB Log Reader" {
		Text item=logreaderErrors
		Text item=logreaderLastError
		Text item=logreaderWarnings
		Text item=logreaderLastWarning

Hi @miwok,

I have a similar issue. Did you find a solution on this?


Unfortunately not, I have posted the problem again here and received unsatisfactory answer:

Look! Maybe it’ll help.