Writing an API to access openhab

We have a complete marketplace system which includes IOS, Android (User, Driver and Store) and Backend (Hosted in Cloud). This system is specialized in selling smart devices such as lighting, switches, sensors … etc.

On other hand we have another OPENHAB system also hosted in the cloud which have already configured manually all the devices in “our marketplace” server.

We would like to write an API between our marketplace server and database of OPENHAB software to fetch configuration setup for each device saved in OPENHAB database.

Our aim is to upgrade our current system and fetch the configuration through the API from OPENHAB in order for anyone who buy from our marketplace will be able to select a pre-configured device easily on the spot.

We are looking for experts who can advise us on how to implement this, either by our local programmers or by hiring a third party Company/ Freelancers to do this.

openHAB is primarily designed for private home use, not public service provision.

You realize openHAB system security was not designed to be directly exposed to the public Internet.

I don’t think(?) the description in the OP is about giving users direct access to a cloud OH instance, but about creating a system whereby a user can download the OH configuration that matches the user’s purchased device from the company’s reference OH instance.

If that interpretation is correct, then I’m not sure I see the value in this idea. It is not clear what kind of devices these are, but most devices either don’t require much configuration when added to OH or require configuration because there are too many pieces of information that are unique to the individual instance for a basic reference configuration to be helpful (or even just not harmful).


There is already a REST API that you can use.


I assumed they wanted to write an API client for that.

I agree with everything said thus far. From a security perspective, openHAB is not suitable to be directly exposed to the Internet. I hope your cloud instance is at least behind a reverse proxy.

openHAB already has the automatic discovery of Things. What exactly are you looking to download from the openHAB database? If it’s just Things then there really isn’t much value in downloading something that can just be automatically created locally.

Everything that is in the “openHAB database” is available through the openHAB REST API already. In OIH 2.5 install the REST API Docs from the UIs tab. In OH 3 you can find them under Developer Tools.


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