Wrong binding documentation?


I have installed stable version of openhab (openhabian) and I wanted to use the network binding. When I press the binding it opens the binding help page. There is shows to use device as “pingdevice” (in Thing) but the binding version I have uses “device”

Does the binding points to the latest documentation?

My version is 2.1.0

Yes, and that’s the problem. The binding readme reflects the 2.2 SNAPSHOT version of the Network binding, for which there have been a number of changes.

This is a known problem and there is an issue already created to support documentation that coincides with the version of OH so this sort of problem doesn’t occur in the future. In the mean time, here is a working Network binding Thing I’m running with pre-changes to the binding in 2.2 SNAPSHOT.

network:device:mosquitto [ hostname="",  port="1883", retry="5",  timeout="5000", refresh_interval="10000", use_system_ping="false", dhcplisten="false" ]
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That is sadly true and you @smhgit are the first user to complain about it. We are looking into a solution for this.

To help you right now, here’s the document you are looking for: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/tree/179de7ea04cea3ee76bc4363e6aa9b43e88d4f43/_bindings/network

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