Wrong Data in item analysis


I have some wrong data in my item analysis stored during the configuration of my device. This wrong data influence my graph so I want to delete them. Where are this data stored? How could I remove them?


We don’t know.
Are you using OH version 3? That comes with rrd4j persistence service by default, which gets used for charting.
If you are using charts without any idea of the data storage, I guess this is what you have?

rrd4j does compaction of older data, but that makes it very difficult to “delete” any particular older record.
Will it be a great loss if you delete all old data for that device, and start a fresh record for it?

Thank you!
So I think would be better to change persistence option
Could you suggest to me one? MySQL?

I don’t see why, you’ll then lose all data for all devices.

I have no particular recommendation,many people use influxdb for charting.

I got wrong data from BT1 and BT1 avg after changing to OH3

It shows a constant value of 6.3 and 6.6 (probably the the last saved data from OH2?).
I checked the Nibe unit which shows the correct values.

These are my item def.:
Group g_Nibe_Inde_TSTAT “Nibe Stuen” {ga=“Thermostat” [ useFahrenheit=false ]}
Group g_Nibe_Ude_TSTAT “Nibe Udendørs” {ga=“Thermostat” [ useFahrenheit=false ]}
Group g_Nibe_Avg_TSTAT “Nibe Avg” {ga=“Thermostat” [ useFahrenheit=false ]}
Number tempBT1out “Udetemperatur (BT1)[%.1f °C]” (temp, g_Nibe_Ude_TSTAT) {channel=“nibeuplink:vvm310:2318718d:base#40004”, ga=“thermostatTemperatureAmbient”}
Number tempBT1avg “Ude, gennemsnit (BT1 avg) [%.1f °C]” (temp, g_Nine_Avg_TSTAT) {channel=“nibeuplink:vvm310:2318718d:base#40067”, ga=“thermostatTemperatureAmbient”}
Number tempBT50 “Indetemperatur (BT50)[%.1f °C]” (temp, g_Nibe_Inde_TSTAT) {channel=“nibeuplink:vvm310:2318718d:base#40033”, ga=“thermostatTemperatureAmbient”}

BT50 (and others) shows the correct value.

Any idea?

Since your problem is not really related to the OP, you’d better start an own thread.
Reading your description the items in question might not get updates from the linked thing-channel.

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