Wrong hex data transformation (wrong dpt?)

dear all

I have an issue with hex data transformation in knx binding

The hex 4 byte value is 00 01 AD B8, which should give a dec value of 110008. I used for this the dpt 13.010

Type number         : Energie_Strang4                           [ ga="13.010:<8/4/44" ]

However I get a dec value of 1.5415684406037312e-40

Can anybody help me on this, what is wrong here?

Thank you in advance!

That’s the number you get when treating 00 01 AD B8 as an IEEE-754 floating point encoding.
I think floats should be a different DPT.

@rossko57: thanks a lot. I thought that dpt 13.010 should be transformed to a signed integer in openhab? However, in paperUI, I get the floating point number.

What is wrong here?

I don’t know. May we see your Item? You mentioned transformation, have you applied one?

I know little about KNX but so far as I know DPT 13 should be treated as an Integer (and 14 as float)


The item looks like that:

Number   Energie_Strang4     { channel="knx:device:bridge:ZS4:Energie_Strang4" }

When I wrote transformation then I meant the transformation of the hex via the dpt to an interpretable presentation.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance for your support

I solved the issue… I needed to reboot the system, in order that the things file with the dpt 13.010 took effect (had before a wrong dpt in the things file), so it was a transient issue

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Makes sense, many bindings (depending how they initialize) are not so good at picking up small edits in flight.
You can just restart the binding in such cases.