Wrong Output


i’ve successfully added the “Xiaomi Mi Temperature & Humidity Sensor” but in HABPanel I see “20 ?C” not “20 °C” Did anyone have a idea to fix it?

Changing the Unit manually doesn’t work.

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How do you have the item configured? You may also want to use the HABPanel tag for the topic.

I have configured it via PaperUI-Bindings and the Xiaomi Gateway. Everything works fine but only HABPanel doesn’t show the correct “°”.

It’s only HABPanel wich has this problem. The Value in Paper UI is shown in correct format.

Is it possible that the problem is based by the language server? I got multiple errors in log “adress already in use”. Get a few topics open and think the problems are all based in my difficulties after updated to openHAB 2.5.5 - i hope i will find a solution and let you know.

Now i’ve got the same mistake with “K?hlschrank” in PaperUI. Is it because of the errors caused by loading the language server? How can i fix it. I have no other ideas.

There were a lot more problems so i’ve deleted absolutely all and started completely new. A new installation of ubuntu and a proper installation of OpenHAB an all the bindings. Now everything works fine.

But you can reconfigure the shown value in HABPanel if you add this to “Format”: %.0f °C

That works nice!