Wrong Values for thermostat modes with Google Home


i just tried to connect my OpenHAB (eq3-Max thermostats) with Google Home.
Everything works fine. I can control my thermostats temperature via myopenHAB and Google Home.

I just got a problem with controling the thermostat mode.
When i change the mode with google home, it sends back the values “heat”, “cool”, etc.
The thing is, my thermostat just reacts on string-values like “AUTOMATIC”, “MANUAL”, “BOOST”…

Is there a chance to map the value “heat” to the value “AUTOMATIC”?
So when i choose the Heating-Mode in Google Home (value=“heat”), that OpenHAB sets the mode-string of my thermostat to the value “AUTOMATIC”?

Thank you!


You could implement a workaround but it’s not pretty:

Expose to Google a dummy Item and then use a rule to send to the “real” Item (bound to eq3) the “mapped” commands

The opposite should work also (rule that updates the dummy whenever you modify the state of the “real” Item) in order for the Google Home to display the current status.

Maybe there is a nicer way to achieve this but I can’t think of one now…

Thank you ´very much for your tip.

I just created a rule: When Thermostat1_Mode changes to “heat” Set Thermostat1_Mode to “AUTOMATIC”

So i dont need to create a dummy item.



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