Wunderground diffrent values missing

Hi there,

after setup the binding of wundergroud weather binding, I’m wondering why some values are missing.

temperature min
temperature max
temperature min/max
UV index
wind chill

the sitemap shows “- °C” or just “-”

The first thing I did war to check the related weatherstation on wondergrounds website. But there are values provided.

My problem is, I’m not a developer and no linux or java geek so its hard for me to debug or even understand why the values are missing!

does anybody know shomthing abaut this issue. I found diffrent problems related to UV Index but never solved…?!

Thx for help

Please provide your configuration of sitemap and items. :slight_smile:


as I just now have recognized, min/max valuies are only available as a forecast. I tried, it works.
but I’ve still no values for:

UV Index
wind chill
condition id

here the items

/* ----------- WETTER ---------------------- */

// forecast
String   morgen_Condition        		"Condition [%s]"      										(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=condition, property=text"}
Number   morgen_Temp_Min		"Temperature min [%.2f °C]" 										(gWonderground, gWetter_Vorhersage)								{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=min"}
Number   morgen_Temp_Max		"Temperature max [%.2f °C]" 										(gWonderground, gWetter_Vorhersage)								{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=max"}
String   morgen_Temp_MinMax 	"Min/Max [%s °C]"								<temperature>		(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=minMax"}
Number   morgen_Precip_Prob		"Niederschlag [%d %%]"							<water>				(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=precipitation, property=probability"}
Number   morgen_Precip_Total	"Niederschlag total [%d mm]"   					<water>				(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=precipitation, property=total"}
Number   morgen_Wind_Speed      "Wind Geschw. [%.2f km/h]"    					<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=wind, property=speed"}
Number   morgen_Wind_Gust    	"Wind Böen Geschw. [%.2f km/h]"    				<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=wind, property=gust"}
String   morgen_Wind_Direction	"Wind Richtung [%s]"      						<wind>				(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=wind, property=direction"}
Number   morgen_Clouds   		"Wolken [%.0f %%]"   							<cloudy>			(gWonderground, gWetter_Morgen)									{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=1, type=clouds, property=percent"}

String   Station_Name         	"Station [%s]"        												(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=station, property=name"}
DateTime ObservationTime  		"Stand von [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"   						(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=condition, property=observationTime"}
String   Condition        		"Condition [%s]"      												(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=condition, property=text"}

// temperature															
Number   Temperature			"Hanau [%.2f °C]"       						<temperature>		(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WohnTemp, chart_WetterTemp)		{weather="locationId=K28, type=temperature, property=current"}
Number   Temp_Feel				"Temperatur gefühlt [%.2f °C]"  				<temperature>		(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=temperature, property=feel"}
Number   Temp_Dewpoint			"Taupunkt [%.2f °C]"          					<temperature>		(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterTemp)						{weather="locationId=K28, type=temperature, property=dewpoint"}

// min and max values only available in forecasts										
Number   Temp_Min				"heute min [%.2f °C]"   						<temperature>		(gWonderground, chart_WetterTemp)								{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=0, type=temperature, property=min"}
Number   Temp_Max 				"heute max [%.2f °C]"   						<temperature>		(gWonderground, chart_WetterTemp)								{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=0, type=temperature, property=max"}
String   Temp_MinMax 			"heute Min/Max [%s °C]"             								(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, forecast=0, type=temperature, property=minMax"}

// atmosphere
Number   Humidity				"Luftfeuchtigkeit [%d %%]"      									(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterHydro)						{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=humidity"}
Number   Visibility				"Sicht [%.2f km]"  													(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=visibility"}
Number   Pressure				"Luftdruck [%.2f mb]"    											(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterLuftDruck)					{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=pressure"}
String   Pressure_Trend 		"Luftdruck Tendenz [%s]"    										(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=pressureTrend"}
Number   Ozone					"Ozon [%d ppm]"        												(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=ozone"}
Number   UV_Index        		"UV Index"              											(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=atmosphere, property=uvIndex, scale=0"}

// precipitation															
Number   Precip_Probability 	"Niederschlag [%d %%]"   						<water>				(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterHydro)						{weather="locationId=K28, type=precipitation, property=probability"}
Number   Precip_Total			"Niederschlag total [%d mm]"   					<water>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=precipitation, property=total"}
Number   Rain          			"Regen [%.2f mm/h]"   							<rain02>			(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=precipitation, property=rain"}
Number   Snow          			"Schnee [%.2f mm/h]"   							<snow>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=precipitation, property=snow"}

// wind															
Number   Wind_Speed           	"Wind Geschw. [%.2f km/h]"    					<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterWind)						{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=speed"}
Number   Wind_Speed_Beaufort  	"Wind Geschw. Beaufort [%d]"  					<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=speed, unit=beaufort"}
Number   Wind_Speed_Knots     	"Wind Geschw. [%.2f kn]"      										(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=speed, unit=knots"}
String   Wind_Direction       	"Wind Richtung [%s]"      						<wind>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=direction"}
Number   Wind_Degree          	"Wind Grad [%.0f °]"     						<wind>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=degree"}
Number   Wind_Gust            	"Wind Böen Geschw. [%.2f km/h]"    				<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter, chart_WetterWind)						{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=gust"}
Number   Wind_Gust_Beaufort   	"Wind Böen Geschw. Beaufort [%d]"  				<windy>				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=gust, unit=beaufort"}
Number   Wind_Gust_Knots      	"Wind Böen Geschw. [%.2f kn]"      				<wind>				(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=gust, unit=knots"}
Number   Wind_Chill           	"Wind chill [%.2f °C]"     						<temperature>		(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=wind, property=chill"}
// clouds															
Number   Clouds   				"Wolken [%.0f %%]"   							<cloudy>			(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=clouds, property=percent"}

// condition															
String   Condition_ID     		"Condition id [%s]"   												(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=condition, property=id"}
DateTime LastUpdate       		"Last update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"        				(gWonderground, gWetter)										{weather="locationId=K28, type=condition, property=lastUpdate"}
String   CommonId         		"Common id [%s]"      												(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=condition, property=commonId"}

// weather station (only Wunderground and Hamweather), needs version 1.7 or greater of the binding
String   Station_Id           	"Station Id [%s]"          											(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=station, property=id"}
Number   Station_Latitude     	"Station Latitude [%.6f]"  											(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=station, property=latitude, scale=6"}
Number   Station_Longitude    	"Station Longitude [%.6f]" 											(gWonderground)													{weather="locationId=K28, type=station, property=longitude, scale=6"}

and sitemap

sitemap Haus label="Test"
	Frame label="Haus"
		Group	item=gDG			label="Dachgeschoss"		icon="attic"
		Group 	item=gOG 			label="Obergeschoss" 		icon="firstfloor"
		Group 	item=gEG 			label="Erdgeschoss" 		icon="groundfloor"

	Frame label="Astro / Wetter Daten"
		Text 	item=Datum
		Group	item=gWetter					label="Wetter - Hanau"					icon="sun_clouds"
		Group 	item=gWetter_Morgen 			label="Vorhersage Morgen"				icon="temperature-max"
		Group   item=gAstro    					label="Astro"                   		icon="astro"
	Frame label="Temperaturen"
		Text item=rt_Esszimmer 				icon="temperature"
		Text item=rt_Kueche					icon="temperature"
		Text item=rt_Schlafzimmer			icon="temperature"
		Text item=rt_Ankleide				icon="temperature"
	Chart item=chart_WohnTemp 		period=4h refresh=30000


In question of UV index, you did forget [%.0f] or something similar at the end of label, but the rest looks pretty normal to me.

Not all values are available with all weather providers.

In the wunderground case I do not see ozone, clouds (as a separate value from the Weather element), or Condition ID.

Clouds is covered by the Weather element (e.g. “Partly Cloudy”). Condition ID comes as a String in the Weather element (e.g mine is currently “Light Rain”).

The UV Index (UV element) and Wind Chill (wind_chill elements) are there but not currently populated in my current returns. I don’t know if that is a value that is planned for or one they only provide in winter.

Long story short, not all values supported by the Weather Binding are provided by the Wunderground API (and vise versa).

The “-” indicates the Item has not been initialized.