Wunderground question

I am trying to setup the bridge and thing for wunderground manually.

According to the documentation it should be:

Bridge weatherunderground:bridge:api "API" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX" ] {
        Thing weather paris "Météo Paris" [ location="France/Paris", language="FR", refresh=15 ]

the items accordingly:

String Conditions "Conditions [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:api:paris:current#conditions"}

I am struggling with “bridge” vs. “weather”.

Should’t the thing look like this:

String Conditions "Conditions [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:bridge:api:paris:current#conditions"}

I would no invest too much time, the API service will stop working by the end of the year. Actually it already has stopped for me a couple of days ago.

Hi @sihui

thanks - I did not know that. What a pity.
I really like the 10 days forecast… :disappointed_relieved:
What would be the best replacement in OH for wunderground then?

Sounds good.
Thanks for sharing!

Look at the binding documentation that includes thing and items example.

Is there any way to get the data of my weather station connected to wunderground

Possibly, but the current API goes end of life on Feb. 15th.
In theory, if you’re using a personal weather station that provides data to Wunderground, you can connect to one of the new APIs that’s being offered as a replacement.

Is the personal weather station API supported, or would we need to add it ourselves?

Does this Binding still work? I own a personal Weather Station and have added it to WeatherUnderground (WU) portal. WU is collecting data from me. I then obtained a WU API Key. I installed the WU binding, configured it, but I cannot get the WU bridge thing to connect. Always shows offline. Is there a newer binding than binding-weatherunderground - 2.5.2

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I have moved on. I set up my own PWS, registered it with Weather Underground and received an API key for use with Weather Forecast Company. It works for my needs.

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To be clear, because this confused me: if you have a WeatherUnderground Personal Weather Station, the WeatherUnderground binding does not work, you need the Weather Forecast Company one. Good thing I saw this post!

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It is confusing, and the only combination I was able to make function.

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as of today, I also own my own PWS. I have connected this with my WU account and generated an API. now I have installed the WU Binding and the Weather Company Binding. The Weather Company Binding is online but the WU Binding is offline. how do I get the current weather data from my PSW?

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My apologies, I don’t log in here often. Do you still need assistance?