WUnderground - Understanding possible items?

Hi there, I’ve been reading a lot and finally got the weather binding to work as it should.
However, I don’t fully understand how the items itself work. I’m fetching data from WUnderground now, but how do I idenfity the possible fields I can fetch? If I log in to WUnderground, I now for example see an alert that there is a special windchill in the area I live in, how do I fetch the alert?

For fun, I checked the API and see that there are alerts there but if I try something like:
String Alerts “level_meteoalarm_description [%s]” {weather=“locationId=home, type=alerts, property=commonId”}
I can’t get it to work…

Any help on this and understanding how to work with the API in general?


Alerts are not (yet) available in the binding.

You can use the http binding and JSONPATH transformations to access the API yourself.