Wyze - Can control via Alexa/Amazon/Google?

I’ve read multiple times that there are no bindings to control Wyze devices (cameras, smart bulbs, smart plugs) from openHAB. However, Alexa (amazon) has ‘skills’ that work directly with Wyze devices. Is there a way for openHAB to control Wyze devices via/through Alexa/Amazon? In fact, Google home also can control directly Wyze devices. Any thoughts on this, and can this be accomplished ?

I can’t speak for Alexa, but Google Home is pretty much one way. You can give access to everything in openHAB. But Google grants openHAB access to nothing in GA.

I know this is an old thread, but figured I’d add my experience in case it helps anyone else who’s trying to integrate Wyze bulbs into their openHAB setup.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to control my Wyze bulbs via openHAB, and I can confirm that you can send commands to the bulbs via Alexa and the “Amazon Echo Control” binding. However, there is no way that I can see to get Alexa to report the status of the bulbs back to OpenHAB. So, you can’t build any rules/logic based on reading the current state of the bulbs, nor can you reliably have on/off switches in openHAB that accurately represent the state of the bulbs.