X:O2 for OH2 (Universal Windows App)

Hi! I’m currently developing Version 2 of my universal app X:O. Since ever, X:O was mainly built for my own usecase. So it is with version 2 :smile: , but this time I’m more open to suggestions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This time, I’ve started with the idea for an 8 to 12 inch Windows Tablet (or two or three) as universal remote for everything, since my new house is hopefully reaching full automation up to the electrical cupboards in the new kitchen in Q1 2016. Keeping this in mind, usability is everything.

For version 2 I don’t support Openhab1. I’ve dropped the concept of sitemaps, since they are kind of dropped in Openhab2 aswell.
As you can see on the screenshot, my app supports generation of custom maps from inside the app.
You may choose any background for the map (Picture, Grid, whatever!) and drop the items on it.
Each item can be moved around and resized. In addition you can choose on which zoomlevel to show up (control each rollershutter while zoomed in; control all together while zoomed out). Pinch and Zoom with mouse, touchpad or finges are supported.

The itemlist is loaded live from OH2. I reused some of my XO1 code, but mainly I developed everything new and better ( :smile: ).
My app is built as Windows 10 UAP with support for small displays, up to my 65 inch flat. It makes heavy use of MVVM with long-polling for all items visible on map.

The design is focused on windows 10 (all versions (tablet, full blown pc and mobile)) using style-guide from MS.

Any further suggestions or ideas so far?

Some questions to discuss:

  • Is it useful to replicate generated maps between devices? You will propably use different maps for the device classes… But perhaps you would like to share a map from your mobile with you girlfriend.
  • Should there be an Edit-Mode for each map, or is it cooler to move around any item at anytime?

Greetz, Patrick


Great initiative. Is version 1 already available on the windows app store?
To your questions:
Is it useful to replicate generated maps between devices? I think absolutly. This would ease the maintaince of another display in the home.
“Should there be an Edit-Mode for each map …” I do not understand question.

My five cents:

  1. it should support a hierachy to avoid scrolling on an long pages.
  2. it should support some kind of chart abilities like the rddj2 charts.
  3. it should be possible to assign icons to items. And it would be great if icons change depending on the state of the item.
  4. it should be possible to define text lables and have control on the size of the fonts.

regards Martim

Version 1 is already in marketplace for nearly a year. But it is only a very basic implementation. I’ve built it, just to have an app for windows phone. Search for X:O or Second in command.

Ok! I do share your opinion regarding replication of maps. It would be quite handy to share those maps, especially with building more complex ones.

My second question regarding the “edit mode” is aimed on modifying the map. I think it would be useful to “lock” the map, which blocks moving arount the items while trying to toggle a switch (for example). Hard to explain… I know.

Yep. This is up to the user, to create useful/thoughful maps. Perhaps one map may link to another, to represent “going into a room”.

This is already supported, since it will plot all the graphs that are configured in OH2.

Really a good one! I’ve thought about it for quite a while. Openhab1 let the user create custom icons, which are displayed bye version 1 of my app. Openhab2 does not give the user this ability. At least I did not find the ICON representation in JSON. Perhaps Kai could give a hint?

Also a good one! The text labels are read from openhab configuration. So done! But I absolutly forgot about textsize. This should be easy though.

I started work on a universal openhab app (haven’t gotten very far yet) I like your concept, so I’ll just keep an eye on this :smile:

if you could use an extra hand for development, feel free to ask :smile:

Hi @pa1

will X:O2 as well include my.openhab.org notifications then?


I was just wondering if it was possible for you to update the listing for your v1 Windows Store listing for X:O, as it only lists German as the supported language. I thing because of that it doesn’t come up when you search for it on a English only machine… I couldn’t find it in the windows store when searching on a Windows 10 machine, but a google search brought it up and triggered it to allow me to install it. Might help other users who haven’t been able to install it if that is indeed the cause…

Thanks for your advice. I’ve updated the listing. The app is more or less language neutral, since nearly all text is getting loaded from oh.

Thanks for looking at that. It doesn’t look like the changes have propagated through yet.

Anyway, here is the link if anyone else wanted to try the app out, as it doesn’t like to be found by the Windows 10 store search… stupid search!

Hello Patrick

At first: Thank you for supporting the Windows Store. Because I’m a Windows System engineer, nearly all of my devices are windows-powered. I use X:0 1 on 2 phones, my tablet and my notebook.
I’m happy with this “basic” software.

Here are some ideas for X:O2:

  1. A “zoom in” feature would be nice. Let me explain: When I view the floor plan, it would be nice to “zoom” (maybe) klick into a room. This is already addressed in this post. I only want to add my “tumps up” for this.

  2. Dynamic items in the visual sitemap: It would be nice, when a window is shown as open, when its open (and not only a switch)

  3. Changing background / colors depending on states: e.g. get a red background and a red room, when a firealarm ist triggered, or a darker room, when no light is on…

  4. map sharing (as discussed) would also be a usefull feature. Onedrive backup as idea.

  5. Is the including of cortana and the notification center something possible? It’s funny to play with cortana and in combination with openHAB it unleashes all the power.
    recieving notification of (selected) items would also be helpful. I think about recieving information when the garage door opens or when my doughter switch on the light or television…

  6. backup capability…Sometimes you need to reset your device (all windows users know, what I’m talking about). Rebuild the maps could be a very painfull part.

Personally, I wait until OH2 is out of its beta status. I hope, I can build my new home on OH2…so I’m very excited and happy that you devolpe such great app’s.
Afterwards I’m on OH2 I may can be usefull as tester of your app.


@pa1 Hi Patrick, could I interest you in helping out with the official UWP openHAB app?

@NicoVermeir Hi Nico. I really would like to join your project, but i’m quite busy atm. Thanks for asking, but my support wouldn’t be of great value.