X10 dimmer not working with insteonplm binding

I have setup a Pi3 with the latest vesion of OpenHabian and have managed to get it “talking” to an insteon hub (2242). I can fully control installed Insteon units and X10 units if they are setup in the items and sitemap files as switches, this works whether they are switch or dimmer units. If I configure one as a dimmer, nothing happens. The entries in the items file and sitemap are below.

I am a total beginner at Openhab, so far it does everything I need but this is proving a challenge, looking through items on the web it seems it should work. The X10 and Insteon units are all DIN rail mounted.

My main question is does this work and if so what have I done wrong? Sample logs are below:

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: _Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: _Latest Openhabian
    • openHAB version: 2.2.0 Release
  • Issue of the topic: Slider element in a sitemap does not control X10 dimmers?

  • Items file:
    Switch tv_room “tv room” {insteonplm=“L.1:X00.00.01#switch”}
    Switch garden “garden” {insteonplm=“L.9:X00.00.01#switch”}
    Dimmer tv_room_c “tv room ceiling” {insteonplm=“L.5:X00.00.02#dimmer”}
    Switch stairs “stairs” {insteonplm=“27.DD.23:F00.00.07#switch”}
    Switch driveway “driveway” {insteonplm=“27.DC.B9:F00.00.07#switch”}

  • Sitemap file:
    sitemap demo label=“Firview Automation” {
    Frame label=“TV Room” {
    Switch item=tv_room label=“TV Room” icon="light"
    Slider item=tv_room_c label=“TV Room Ceiling” icon=“light” switchSupport
    Frame label=“Outside” {
    Switch item=driveway label=“Front Driveway” icon="light"
    Switch item=garden label=“Back Garden” icon=“light”
    Frame label=“Hallway” {
    Switch item=stairs label=“Stairs” icon=“light”

The events log shows:
2017-12-30 18:33:17.815 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘tv_room_c’ received command 31
2017-12-30 18:33:17.833 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - tv_room_c changed from 95 to 31
2017-12-30 18:33:19.207 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘tv_room_c’ received command 91
2017-12-30 18:33:30.327 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - tv_room_c changed from 31 to 91

The openhab log shows:
2017-12-30 18:33:16.740 [INFO ] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - Item: tv_room_c got command 95
2017-12-30 18:33:17.808 [INFO ] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - Item: tv_room_c got command 31