X10 interface on Rasp Pi

I have some X10 devices in my home, which I would like to keep using in my Raspberry Pi based OpenHAB system. My old X10 controller has packed up, so I need an interface from RPi directly to power line, and the necessary software so that I can control the X10 devices from OH. What is the best way to do this?

Thank you - Rowan

Given that you talk about power line communications you need to look for some kind of adapter anyway. Probably easiest to get will be USB/serial adapter. Then from one side you will have high voltage and on another you can host low voltage devices such as raspberry running openhab.

I don’t know much about X10, but there are already two ways for openHAB to communicate with it:


For X10 RF:

Please note that there are two frequencies:
310 MHz in the U.S.and 433.92 MHz in European systems.