Xbox one binding / control


Is there a way to control, or at least power on/off the Xbox One through OpenHab? the Xbox shall be part of a scene for watching movies/series. Would be great if that can be done through OH.


Do you have a Kinect? Maybe you can output “Xbox On” using TTS

Does using the Exec Binding to run this script from GitHub work? That will allow you to switch it on/off, although I don’t think it’s possible to issue any more complex commands.

This script is only to switch it on. I don’t think there is currently a way to switch it off (using a script).
There is however things like the Harmony Hub that can communicate with IR devices. I’m just disappointed that the Google Home integration is only available in the US. I would have considered spending the $100 dollars if I could control a multitude of devices using it with Google Home. You can still use it with IFTTT. I will be looking for a cheaper alternative to controlling IR devices.