Xiaomi Air Conditioning Companion bridge


I’ve just bought Xiaomi air conditioning companion bridge. It’s not visible in OpenHab.
Xiaomi home binding is installed. I was trying to add manually but I need developer key which I can’t find. What more I need to do?

Maybe this will work for you:

Unfortunately it’s unrecognizable:

Device ID: 54977490
Model info: Unknown
Address: 192.168.x.xxx
Token: ???
Support: Unknown

Router recognized it as: lumi-acpartner-v1_miio54977490
Any ideas?

okay maybe one of these can help you:

Thanks for info. I was able to get developer key, but in Openhab2 it’s constant initializing status. It can’t be connected to Openhab2. Maybe it’s because closed UDP port?
Result of nmap -sU -p9898 192.168.x.xxx

Nmap scan report for XiaomiBridge (192.168.x.xxx)
Host is up (0.058s latency).
9898/udp closed unknown

Any new ideas? Has anyone that type of bridge?

have you tried with the miio binding (on the build-in market “Openhab Xiaomi Mi IO Binding”).
It may be able to communicate with it.

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