Xiaomi Aqara Air Conditioner Gateway developer mode unreachable

I can’t enable developer mode for the Xiaomi Aqara Air Conditioner Gateway because the Mi Home Android app doesn’t have the About menu mentioned in the OpenHAB instructions.

Has anybody managed to get that device into developer mode, in case it turns out to be OH compatible like their other gateways?

Basically I seem to have bought the wrong thing. But it looked so much nicer…

hi I have one and i have about in my app
tap tp use help and tap about and tap on the screen to developer mode show up
but cannot get it to work in openhab

@alba Did you manage to get it to work by now?

I just bought the Mi Control Hub with a few accessories and the About section does not show up for me.

No, I did not get it to work.


thx for the reply… that’s annoying…

bummer sounds like a very cool device!
i wanted to order also some…

The Hub is amazing - also much cheaper than a Samsung Smart Things Hub.

It might be that I just bought the wrong version -> What gateways (such as Xiaomi Aqara) are supported by openHAB

Yeah, it is also not available in Github which i am looking for but so far Xiaomi is a new service provider of AC. Its difficult for me to write a code to solve the gateway issue. air conditioning installation helped me to overcome from such issue.