Xiaomi binding in OH 2,1 does not support Flood Detector and Smoke Detector

I have OH 2.1 and I would like add Xiaomi Flood Detector and Smoke Detector but in 2.1 these two sensor are not availabe. Other sensor like Open/Window sensor or Temperature I can add without any problem.
Because my brother has OH 2.2 installation I know that Flood Detector and Smoke Detector are supported.

Is it possible to upgrade Xiaomi binding in OH 2.1 to such version that supports both sensors?

I’ve tired to upgrade OH to 2.1 but I have so many problems (with my rules and with MCP23017) in 2.2 that I do not want to migrate to 2.2.

Michal Szymanski

If you add the newes xiaomi binding manully, than it will work.

How to do this? Where do I find new version and how to install it?


I’ve found this::

should I put tthis to:

Should I first uninstall previous version?

Yes and Yes