Xiaomi Binding - Token for a Support Device (Roborock S8 Pro Ultra)

Hi All,

The instructions are very confusing. My device is a Roborock and is supported. I’ve no idea what Xiaomi cloud is but i registered an account and placed it into the binding configuration anyway in an attempt to get a token.

I get error

Error logging on to Xiaomi cloud (0): Error getting logon location URL. Return code: 70016

Does anyone know how to get the token for my device?


Same here. Looking for solutions!

As long as your device is used by the roborock app, it will not be discoverd by the miio binding.
Only once you really switch your device to the mihome app, (once you reset the device and have it discovered by the mihome app and it is properly working from there) the binding will work.

When the robot is in ‘roborock app’ mode it uses different encryption/commands than when in ‘mihome app’ mode