Xiaomi devices channels values' meaning and range

As you know, the Xiaomi gateway gives us different information, such as brightness, illumination, etc.
Other xiaomi devices such as the Cube, also gives information.

What I want to know is the meaning and the range of these values. For example, I receive a number, say 1120, from the illumination channel. What does this number represent? And what can be the range for this channel ? (Is is between 0 and 5000 ?)

Where can I find answers to my questions ? (For all xiaomi devices and all their channels)

Thank you for your answer. Could you answer my question completely? (all devices and all their channels)

I don’t have the devices and I don’t know their channels

Publish what you have and we’ll find out together

I have the power socket:
Switch Plug_Switch
Switch Plug_Active
Number Plug_Power
Number Plug_Consumption

BTW, I think you can answer my another question.

is in Watt

is in W/h or kW/h

Nope, no idea