Xiaomi Door Sensor Sitemap nok

Hello all,

I need help I try to configure my Openhab with th Xiaomi Binding and I’m stuck.


Contact WindowSwitch_Status “Xiaomi Reed1 - Open Status [%s]” (Gxiaomi,Greed) {channel=“mihome:sensor_magnet:158dsqqsq0001584626:158dsqqsq0001584626:isOpen”}


Bridge mihome:bridge:34ce00qssfb60sssqsq30"Xiaomi Gateway" [ serialNumber=“34ce00qssfb60sssqsq30”, ipAddress=“”, port=9898, key=“wosds1gt8oudsdsdqto0u0es”, pollingInterval=6000 ] {
gateway 34ce00qssfb60sssqsq30"Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway" [itemId=“34ce00qssfb60sssqsq30”]
sensor_magnet 158dsqqsq0001584626"Xiaomi Door Sensor" [itemId=“158dsqqsq0001584626”]


Text item= WindowSwitch_Status label=“Statu [%s]”

But I don’t have nothing update status in BasicUI and Paper Ui.

Help please

My gateway is ok I can play sound, like in the wiki page.

Please use code fences.

I don’t have my xiaomi sensors as things items. Only items. THey were added as part of the paperui.

I’d query this though:


158dsqqsq0001584626 twice?

I just looked at my thing/channel in paper ui and it says:


It’s ok !

I must open and close the windows for the binding update the status :slight_smile: