Xiaomi Firmware 1.4.1_170.0158 Works with Openhab?

Hi everone

I’m using openHAB for more than 18 month with Xiaomi devices.
Everything fine until now. Firmware on Gateways is 1.4.1_167.0158. It works. Now I wanted to couple new devices but it does not work, indicating that I have to update firmware to 1.4.1_170.0158.
Has anyone already updated? Is it safe to do the update when it worked previously with openhab?

Sorry. I know that there is a problem using Xiaomi with openhab, but I didn’t get if it applies only to new Gateways or also to gateways already working with openhab.

Thanks for your expertise.


hmm I am on that version now (170.0158) and the gateway comes online fine after an OpenHab service reboot, then goes offline after a few minutes… Not sure why.

Thanks for your answer!
Anyone other facing problems with the new firmware?


Fixed it. Turns out the firmware was fine. It was my network configuration that was the problem. Have now been running the latest 170.0158 firmware on my Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway v3 with OpenHab 2.4 with no issues at all.

Great! Thanks very much for your answer. So I try to update the first of my gateways


Hej all

So I updated the first of my xiaomi gateways and it works… so then Xiaomi Firmware 1.4.1_170.0158 seems to work with openHAB :+1:


Indeed works fine, updated today as well without issues.