Xiaomi Gateway - how to get serialNumber?

Finally I got my Xiaomi bundle to play around with! :wink:

After some trouble (MiHome registration didn’t want to send the registration emai to my personal email - gmail.com worked at first try), I could add the Xiaomi Gateway v3 to my App (after setting my location to China Mainland in the MiHome App).

But, I’m struggling getting the gateway live as a Thing. After installing the binding-mihome, there were no discovered Things. So I filled out my xiaomi.things:

Bridge mihome:bridge:rossbuehel "Xiaomi Gateway" [ serialNumber="f0b429XXXXXX", ipAddress="192.168.xx.xx", port=9898, key="XXX", pollingInterval=6000 ] {

	Thing mihome:gateway:rossbuehel "Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway" [itemId="f0b429XXXXXX"]

	Thing mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00011234 "Xiaomi Temperature Sensor" [itemId="158d00011234 "]
	Thing mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d00012344 "Xiaomi Motion Sensor" [itemId="158d00012344 "]
	Thing mihome:sensor_switch:158d0001324234 "Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch" [itemId="158d0001324234 "]
	Thing mihome:smoke:158d0001234234 "Xiaomi Smoke Detector" [itemID="158d0001234234 "]

	// Thing mihome:sensor_ht:158d0001XXXXXX "Xiaomi Temperature Sensor" [itemId="158d0001XXXXXX"]
	// Thing mihome:sensor_motion:158d0001XXXXXX "Xiaomi Motion Sensor" [itemId="158d0001XXXXXX"]
	// Thing mihome:86sw2:158d0001XXXXXX "Aqara Wireless Wall Switch" [itemId="158d0001XXXXXX"]
	// Thing mihome:sensor_plug:158d0001XXXXXX "Xiaomi Plug" [itemId="158d0001XXXXXX"]
	// Thing mihome:sensor_magnet:158d0001XXXXXX "Xiaomi Door Sensor" [itemId="158d0001XXXXXX"]

So - every sensor attached to the gateway in the App was found - but I can’t get to see the serial number of the gateway itself somewhere… is there a way to get it?

I got it somehow… Suddenly there was a serialnumber in the logs! :wink: don’t know how I did it. :frowning:

Serial number is just a MAC address. You can easily get it in the MiHome app - just go to network info. For Gateway v2 it will start as 34:CE:xxxxx…

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oh! yes, that’s correct - at least for the gateway! good to know!