Xiaomi Gateway not working


I am running OpenHAB on a Windows machine and in the past months the connection to my Xiaomi Gateway was running without any issues.

Now - I have updated to 2.5.9 and also the Gateway to the newest firmware I am having the issue that the Bridge is only reachable for a short time - approx. 5 minutes. So after this all Things related to the bridge does not respond.

I have updated my developer key already but without any success. In the log there is the message

“No token received from the gateway yet. Unable to encrypt the access key.”

IP address and all other stuff is still the same but I have no idea how to fix. I tried several OpenHAB versions (2.59, 2.5.8, 2.5.10-snapshot) and every time the same issue.
I have added the bridge manually via .things file or via PaperUI also without success.

Right now if I try to re-add the Bridge via PaperUI I get the error “Error 409: Conflict”. Also re-installation Xiaomi Binding does not help.
I checked a clean install of Openhab on another device were adding the device from the inbox in paper ui is working without issues.

Any hints?

Now I cannot get the Xiaomi Gateway discovered in my productive OpenHAB instance. I reinstalled the Xiaomi Binding a few times and also restarted the environment several times but there is no Bridge in the inbox.

What can I do? I also tried old binding versions also without success.

Really strange that all in my productive environment is running except the Xiaomi stuff

WE can close it here. I have restarted the hole environment. After adding the bridge manually via things-file I was able to do the other configuration in PaperUI and it seems that the connection is stable.