Xiaomi Items not updating

Hi all,
Been using Openhab for a couple of years, and love it.
Since about December though I cannot get the Xiaomi stuff to work and it is really puzzling me!

The bridge is online, and the items themselves are also online. I even deleted all the items and started again, and they are all autodiscovered fine, and add fine, and then also show up as online. I have entered developer code etc.

The issue is they dont actually get the information through. They seem to detect the battery low, and also the battery amount, but that is it. They dont report motions or door opening depending on the sensor. They do however report it all in the app so the sensors are fine.

There is nothing in the error or event logs, so I am assuming the gateway isnt telling openhab, even though they are all showing online. I have even used a new SD to make a fresh install, and again same issue, nothing coming through.

The only exception to this seems to be the Humidity sensor gives a value.

I would really appreciate some help as this has killed my Smart Home setup.