Xiaomi Mi Binding config file


is there a way to configure the MIIO binding with a config file?
As I have all my other OpenHab configs in a git repo, I would like to add the MIIO config settings there as well.

Something like


where I can add the following properties (from /var/lib/openhab/config/binding/miio.config)

  • country=“de”
  • password="****"
  • username=“M***@*******.de”

So, similar to the influxdb binding where you can specify an influxdb.cfg file:


The fact that the feature.xml file does not reference a cfg file means that there is no such feature available yet. I will add it as a feature request to the enhancement ticket: [miio] Binding enhancements · Issue #7276 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

You can define the binding configuration through


ok, that is /var/lib/openhab/config/binding/miio.config on my Raspbian installation.
But what I found from other threads is that people do not recommend changing those files manually.
So the question is what kind of mechanism do other bindings implement that pull configuration properties from /etc/openhab/services/mail.cfg for example. It is the folder “/etc/openhab” that I put under version control and I was able to purge my OpenHab installation 2 days ago and got it up and running again after replacing the default /etc/openhab folder with my Git repo content, except for the MIIO binding.

I don’t directly see something in the mail binding that is driving that. I recall this was something transitional from the OH1.x bindings
However, are you sure that the config is on binding level, most bindings have the config on thing level.

When I install the mail binding, I don’t see any configuration options at binding level

What do you think needs to be added to the feature XML to support the config at the services folder?