Xiaomi Mi IO Binding - Alexa integration

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI3
    • OS: Docker
    • openHAB version: latest
  • Issue of the topic: Hello, I installed openHab on docker with successful, I configure the binding (Xiaomi Mi IO Binding) and relative things and all works great. I need to expose this devices to alexa, but I don’t understand which is the best way, from my understanding alexa can manage in easy way the switch, but the channel / items created by things is a “string” type, and I think cannot managed by alexa. Same issue if I try to integrate with homekit I think.
    Can you please help me in order to understand how I can proceed?
    PS: I create a default.sitemap and default.items in order to test a dummy switch (linked to other real switch channel exposed by Xiaomi Mi IO Binding and it’s works) but the interesting feature will be exposed via string :frowning:

many thanks in advance

Show us the tiems and sitemap files

What feature?

I want to control my vacuum robot roborock s5e

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 11.07.11

unfortunately I not write all of this item in the items file because I think not needed because is auto configured in paper ui webpage

Unlink the auto created item.
Delete it.
Remove simple mode for the paperUI settings page
Restart openHAB
Create an item linked to this channel in the items file and add the alexa extension

ok but I think this not resolved my issues with string instead of switch or i’m wrong?

Maybe it’s better to explain my complete configuration of my home.
I have all devices under homebridge (and this is linked to alexa), I try to integrate also the vacuum of roborock s5e but the plugin doesn’t work. I see the plugin of open hub and tried it, and this works very well.
Now I want to integrate openHab with my existing configuration, I try to integrate direct to homekit but I have a conflict with homebridge (because are installed in the same raspberry via docker), I think is not possible to link with homebridge. I try to link openhab with alexa but from my understanding works only with switch and the plugin create a “control” via string in order to choose the operation you want (vacuum, dock, pause etc)

any suggestion the best way to proceed?

Nope, maybe someone else

can you help me how I can configure 4 switch in order to control the 4 possibility of the string items?

Create 4 switches in the items file
Create a rule triggered by a change of the string item and in the rule activate the relevant switch

clear the goal, but how I can implement it? :slight_smile: I’m noob on openhab

I am not going to write the code for you
You need to learn

You already know how to create switch items…
Read this:

and this:

Have a go, try, fail, try again…
If you get really stuck, post the code here and we will help you

I don’t ask to write a code for me, sure. but one explanation how I can create a rule is appreciate. If you don’t have a time, I want to says thanks in any case.

I already created a switch in the items file. I tried also to create a rule but I don’t understand in which way I can trigger a string changes when I push the switch button (and how I can pass the value “Vacuum” to the string)

Do you have a string item?
Show the rule