Xiaomi Mi IO Binding - L10s Ultra

I have installed openHAB 4.1.0 to have support for DreameBot L10s Ultra. I have installed and configured the binding and see all status information like Battery Level, Charging State, Brush Lifetime, etc.

Is there any documentation available how I can send command to the robot to start cleaning? I have not found it documented within the Binding documentation.

Has anyone have it running already and can provide hints or documentation on it?

I am hoping someone can help me on that topic :slight_smile:

I have the same robot and managed to get it to work with the “actions” channel.
You can define that as a String Item and just

actionItem.sendCommand("vacuum-start-sweep") // Starts cleanup
actionItem.sendCommand("battery-start-charge") // Starts docking

Has anyone an idea how to get the room cleanup to work?
I tried sending a rpc action command via an item for


This command seems to work for the L10 Pro, see [miio] Add support for Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner (p2029) by leifbladt · Pull Request #12803 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

May I ask how you added it? Do you manage it via Xiaomi App and cloud and let the binding fetch the token? If so, I guess you stopped using the dreame app? Do you see any drawbacks with the Xiaomi app?

I like to keep my configuration file based, so I used the Xiaomi token extractor found here https://github.com/PiotrMachowski/Xiaomi-cloud-tokens-extractor
But apparently the binding will fetch the tokens when you enter your cloud data there and just let it discover the devices.

I also have several roborock s50, so I use the Xiaomi app anyway. Never tried the dreame app.
Also I use the Xiaomi app only for the first time setup and to room clean (can get the latter to work with openHAB unfortunately)

Ah ok. I went with the dreame app+account as I read some functionality would not work with the xiaomi app. I’m wondering if I could get the token from the dreame cloud somehow instead and keep using their app. But also having the openhab integration. Seems not really possible with the miio binding (?).

That worked out well for me. Thank you!

I am now facing the same issue to start cleaning of a specific room with the L10s Pro / Ultra. These devices seem to have a separate action command for it:


Unfortunately I was not able to figure out how the format needs to look like, resp. what the room-ids, which seem to be needed, would be.

Has anyone been able to get that sorted using the vacuum cleaner models Dreame L10s Pro / Ultra?