Xiaomi MI IO binding problem ( I cannot find binding config page)

I installed Xiaomi MI IO binding, it detected my PM2.5 air quality sensor.
Now, the problem is the token.
The wiki of the binding says, just go to binding config page and enter your MI cloud account.
What binding config page? in my openhab, I dont have settings for this binding. the only binding that allow settings (has a pen icon) is Kodi binding. all other binding, no settings, just some information.

so, how do I enter these settings? can I find the settings file of the binding and manually enter could information?

Im running OH 2.4.0. on RPI
Xiaomi Mi IO Binding

Binding for Xiaomi Mi IO devices like Mi Robot Vacuum

Author: Marcel Verpaalen

If you are using the 1.x version then the config will be at etc/openhab2/services/cfg else try uninstalling and reinstalling the binding.

Im using 2.x version, so no cfg folder there.

What will I achieve with uninstall/reinstall? binding config page will appear? where exactly? in paper ui - > binding ?
Can anyone who uses xiaomi miio binding confirm this is the case?



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yeah, I dont have that pencil icon next to your binding, like I have for some other kodi binding.
Is there a possibility to write this information somewhere in some config file of the binding or no?
because without this token I cannot use the binding…


Do you have a recent version? (>= 2.5.5) then this should be available.

If older version, you can still use the binding in that case, but you need to fall back to the ‘old ways’ of getting the token (see the readme or search the forum). Alternative would be to install current version and retrieve the token and copy it to your production version)

Note, dunno where the file is located, I do remember there are some forum post with that info as it has been asked and answered in the past.

OK, I found the config file in this forum as you mentioned, thanks.
created the file, configure my xiaomi user pass, but binding did not get a token. device is detected 2 times as you mention in the instructions, but none of them has token unfortunately.
device is

so probably it does not support this and I will have to go the hard way (via old version of xiaomi home app…


OK I managed to get the token, device is connected but its useless.
both of the discovery methods discover only
miio:basic:0351C576:network and miio:basic:0351C576:actions#commands
or second method
miio:generic:0351C576:network and miio:generic:0351C576:actions#commands

So basically I can read wifi signal strength, not the PM2.5 index that device is used for (no aqi channel discovered).

I guess Xiaomi “fixed” the new firmware so that it doesnt work outside xiaomi mi home app…

ah well…at least I tried.

After upgrade from OH 2.4 to 2.5 this device now works correctly and reads AQI values.

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