Xiaomi Mi IO Binding with Yeelight Ceiling Light

I am using Yeelight Ceiling Light with Xiaomi Mi IO binding, however the device stay ‘offline’.

I have configured the device per documentation as follow :

  • Find the model and token using mitoolkit, and got following data (scrapped last 3 chars of token)
    yeelink.light.ceiling1 - Ceiling light - da9ae49750ea4e202857e2d4c1c8bxxx -
  • Find the device ID using miio discover and got the info as follows :
    Device ID: 53990702
    Model info: Unknown
    Token: ???
    Support: Unknown
    I converted the device ID from DEC to HEX.

Then insert the data into things in openhabian 2.4.0 with xiaomi mi io v2.4.0 :

Any idea to debug this?

The errors message shown after a while is : OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR maximum number of DatagramSockets reached

This typically means the token is wrong.
If the token is right, the device type will be automatically populated

Run with logging set to debug, if you get proper response from the device token is right.
It you get the timeouts or no response, the token is wrong

When I started checking on this again, there are all “ONLINE” now. So the token seems to be correct, not sure why they stays offline for first few days.