[Xiaomi Mi IO] WDH330EFW1 dehumidifier. Any luck with it?

Hi, in OH3.1, any luck setting up a Xiaomi dehumidifier WDH330EFW1?
I tried to set it as a miio basic, but nothing. I even have the token and id.
I have 3 mi robot vacuum cleaners working fine, but this one it says “COMMUNICATION_ERROR”
The setup is the same as for the mi robots. They are in a different subnet and VLAN, but openhab can connect to it. I tried ping and it works.

Thing ‘miio:basic:e18aa26e20’ changed from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING
Thing ‘miio:basic:e18aa26e20’ changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE

I tried a .things files (like I use for the mi robots) and directly through the web hmi with exactly the same result and log messages.

I have also tried unsupported with the same result.

Any idea?

I know that this model does not show in the Mi IO bundle help page as supported or at all for that matter.


Most Xiaomi devices don’t work well across VLANs for local control. (see this mentioned in the binding readme)
You may workaround this restriction by communicating with your devices via the cloud (select cloud comm in the thing config)

I tried the cloud communication and it didn’t work either. I had no problems with the Mi robots having them in different VLANs with local setup (for many years already).
I think that this device is just not supported at all. Is not even listed in the list of devices in the plugin page, not even as un-supported.
I wait until it gets supported.

Oh, what is the model you see in openhab for this one, not the commercial name, but the string you see in openhab.

Can you try in the unsupported page to create experimental support and send the files.

Normally the issues you describe is due to token or connectivity issues. There some hints on that in the miio readme in the faq section

Hi, the model is nwt.derh.330ef.
I see it now if I connect using cloud, but not directly, although it autodetects it.
The channel (type switch) to power it on/off does not work. It does nothing.
I tried adding to misc/miio the json for the supported dehumidifier changing the type inside the json and name and it showed all the channels but the power on/off it still didn’t work. I did not try the other channels

your device is indeed not yet supported. You can try to run the ‘build experimental support’ by with the switching on that channel. It will try to build support for your device.

You will prob first need to remove the file you already created in misc/miio, otherwise you prob won’t see that switch.

I created items (the default options) for all 3 channels on/off, Execute test and Create experimental support, and I pressed on the items to set them on and off. There is nothing in the events.log or openhab.log other than the items changing from on to off. Could you point me in the right direction here on how to create the experimental support?
I am using cloud connection for these things, unlike for my robots because the direct doesn’t work for the dehumidifiers.

switching these buttons should create some textfiles with more information.
See the binding readme for some more details. (/misc/miio & userdata/miio folders)

Otherwise, enable the debug logging, that and share the communication, that allows to better support you and understand what’s happening.

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Thanks!! It worked.
It only works in cloud mode (not in direct access) and it takes about 20 minutes to initialize, but once it does it works (at least if the internet is up). I am only interested in the power on/off so I have only tested that one, but if you are interested I could test one some of the others.
I attach the json file
nwt.derh.330ef-miot-experimental.json (8.4 KB)
After initializing once, if the thing is disabled/enabled, it does initialize faster.

Great it works for you.
Would be nice to test the other channels as well, than I can make this device available for others as well.

Hi, this is my test:

ON/OFF - It works
Device Fault - Not tested as I was not able to create any
Mode - It works but cannot relate to the Mi home settings. It changes the mode and the humitity target. I cannot make up how.
Target Humidity - it Works
Fan Level - It does not work. It does not change regardles on the fan working or not.
Temperature - It works
Relative humidity - it Works
Alarm (called Beep sound in Mi Home) - it Works
Indicator light - it works
Physical Control Locked (called child lock in Mi Home) - it Works
Coil Temp - not tested as I cannot access it in the Mi Home app
Compressor Status - it Works
Water Tank Status - it Works
Defrost Status - not tested
Fall Down Status - not tested
Pump - it Works
Pump Pipe Installed - it Works
Timer - Not tested. I cannot figure out what this is
Timer Setting - Not tested - I don’t know what this is. I guess it is connected with the automations but I don’t know